DroidSent PRO

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    Now you control your phone, it no longer controls you!

    Don't text and drive - DroidSent and arrive alive!

    Send custom messages to callers and texters when you do not want or are too busy to be bothered. Create your own response messages, or use the built-in messages.

    Create your own profiles to group together settings and messages, or use the built-in profiles.

    Let DroidSent Pro read texts to you, never again have to pull over to read that text!

    Use our Widgets to put common controls on your home screen.

    When activated, DroidSent Pro can automatically send callers to voicemail send them your predefined message. Texters can receive your message as well. This Auto-Reply feature means you never have to touch your phone when you are busy.

    DroidSent Pro can even automatically put your phone on Vibrate when you turn it on and set it back to normal when you turn it off. You decide.

    You can have DroidSent Pro turn itself on/off automatically to a profile of your choosing when Bluetooth or a Docking station connects and disconnects.

    > In a meeting and don't want to be bothered, turn on DroidSent Pro.

    > Driving and don't want to crash replying to a text, turn on DroidSent Pro when you first get in the car and let it tell them you are busy.

    > Going to bed but want to use your phone to surf the web without being bothered, turn on DroidSent Pro.

    !WARNING!: This app sends text messages when activated by you. ONLY use this app if you have sufficient monthly text allowances. If you are pay-per-text or have a limited texting plan, phone company charges may be incurred.

    Fedston Software LLC is not responsible for text, data or phone charges resulting from the use of this app.

    If you find a bug or want a feature, please let us know so we can fix it right away.

    If DroidSent Pro is perfect, please tell your friends.
    If DroidSent Pro has warts on it, please tell us!

    From the main screen in DroidSent Pro.
    >Click Android Menu Button or use Menu Pull-down in recent Android versions.
    >Click Help/Contact Us.
    >If the help doesn't help, click Contact Us.
    >Tell us what is wrong and click Send

    Coming Soon:

    Send custom messages to different people in your Contact list.
    Flag numbers to never respond to, block, always allow through.
    More control over how and when your phone actually disturbs you and when it responds for you.
    NFC Support.

    Permissions: (Which ones we ask for and why we need them)
    The permissions below are broad categories as that is the way Android works, With some of these permissions DroidSent Pro has access to personal information but it will NEVER collect or use it in any way other than to do the job you paid for (Please see our full privacy policy).

    * Your Messages (receive SMS, receive MMS, receive WAP_PUSH) - Detect incoming Texts so DroidSent Pro can respond for you.
    * Phone Calls (read phone state and identity) - Detect incoming phone calls so DroidSent can respond for you.
    * Bluetooth (Pair with devices) - Detect when Bluetooth connects and disconnects for automatic profile setting.
    * Read Contacts - Show name of caller/texter in log and speak name of caller/texter when reading texts.
    * Services that cost you money (directly call phone numbers, send SMS messages) - Allows DroidSent to send text responses when you turn it on. DroidSent does not make phone calls, and only sends texts when responding to incoming calls/texts. DroidSent will not respond to 900 numbers, foreign numbers or any other non-standard number. This will prevent DroidSent from responding to Premium Numbers or scammers that could cost you money.
    * Read External Storage - for users of the DroidSent Beta application, allows your settings to be copied over to DroidSent Pro.
    * Change Audio Settings - Allows you do control how texts are read to you.
    * Storage - Import/Export configuration to back it up or change phones.
    * NFC - Soon to be released NFC tag support.

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