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    DsCast Music Player - Chromecast, DLNA, NAS

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    DsCast Music Player - Chromecast, DLNA, NAS's review

    Published: 2014-05-26, by Ana Gracia.

    A highly usable and effective app to share music between devices

    • Effective
    • Simple to use
    • Good idea

    "Sharing Music"

    Dock & Share WiFi Music Player is a music player application for Android devices that allows users to connect their mobile device to their stereo system and gives them the chance to control whatever is playing from whatever smartphone that's using the same Wi-Fi network.

    The app is quite easy to use: search for shared devices and access to a list of all the artists, albums or songs that are available in both devices, and choose which songs you want to play, queue and shuffle.

    Dock & Share presents an interesting idea that is developed in a simple and effective way. Share or connect your personal Android devices and control your music from wherever you wish.

    EtrokTech is the developer of Dock & Share WiFi Music Player, a simplistic and worthy app to have installed so as to share all your musical discoveries between other devices connected to the same network.

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    May 26, 2014


    Music streaming capabilities include:

    • Stream music to another Android phone or tablet that is docked to your stereo system
    • Stream music to Google Cast compatible devices (Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, Google Cast speakers, etc.)
    • Stream music to other DLNA/UPnP compliant media renderers (Windows Media Player, MediaMonkey, foobar2000, Kodi, Samsung TV, etc.) **
    • Stream music from your NAS and other DLNA/UPnP compliant media servers (Windows Media Player, Plex, Servio, MediaMonkey, etc.). **
    • Local media streaming / playback is supported

    ** DLNA/UPnP is available only for devices running Android 4.03+ and I’ve only listed the DLNA devices we’ve tested against.

    Key Features

    • Gapless playback support on your local device (Android 4.1+) and those DLNA devices that support it

    • Equalizer with bass boost, virtualizer, loudness, and reverberation effects. Supports use of the built-in device equalizer as well (if available).

    • “Device Share” is a great solution for those that regularly dock their phone to a stereo system. By sharing a device, it will become discoverable to others connected to your WiFi network so that the music can be controlled from a separate Android phone or tablet. WiFi-enable your stereo system without having to buy new equipment – Dock.Share.Cast.

    • Intuitive interface; use the cast icon to select the device you’d like to stream music to. Easily browse music available on each device by selecting from the drop down list in the toolbar.

    • Stream music stored locally on your device to Chromecast and other remote devices

    • Play Queue management; to view the play queue, drag the currently playing song up and the play queue will be revealed. Drag and drop to re-order songs, remove songs, and set shuffle and repeat options.

    • Volume Control - Use your phone/tablet volume keys. If you’re casting to a remote device you’ll be controlling the volume of the remote device; if not connected, you’ll be adjusting the local volume. As of Android 5.0, you can control the volume of the connected/remote device from any screen (including the lock screen). Prior to 5.0, the volume of a remote device can only be controlled while you have the app open.

    • Once connected to a WiFi network, the DsCast application will automatically discover all devices that you can stream music from/to.

    Device Share Tips (Streaming music to another Android phone or tablet)

    • The WiFi network you are sharing from must support multicast broadcast and cross device connectivity when sharing a device; must public WiFi networks will not support this.

    • Max Volume Control – When docking a phone to your stereo system that you intend to share, set the stereo to the highest volume you want to allow. You’ll be able to take the volume to mute through this application, but no louder than the volume set on the stereo system

    • Battery Consumption - When possible, keep the shared Android device that is docked to your stereo plugged in to conserve battery strength. In addition, consider turning on the setting to keep the screen on while the device is being shared; this greatly improves WiFi responsiveness on some devices.

    This application contains LGPL software -- the Cling framework is used for UPnP/DLNA support --

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