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    Let's stop watching boring and unvisualized news for a weather report, Know your 3D live weather report with Earth weather Live app, with passing clouds and winds...

    Sometimes we need to know the precise weather condition where we're living in, Earth Weather Live is a weather app, which is used to display the live weather report of our region as well as worldwide. Especially we can search by the country/region/locality to see the live weather report of the place.

    In rainy or story times Earth weather live will be more useful for finding what's happening in weather.
    No registration/No login and no details getting from user apart from location to detect the current location of the user.

    Height :
    Atmospheric pressure corresponds roughly to altitude several pressure layers are meteorologically interesting they show data assuming the earth is completely smooth note: 1 hectopascal (hPa) = 1 millibar (mb)
    Surface - the "Surface" layer represents conditions at ground or water level this layer follows the contours of mountains, valleys, etc.
    • 1000hPa ~100 m, near sea level conditions
    • 850hPa ~1,500 m, planetary boundary, low
    • 700hPa ~3,500 m, planetary boundary, high
    • 500hPa ~5,000 m, vorticity
    • 250hPa ~10,500 m, jet stream
    • 70hPa ~17,500 m, stratosphere
    • 10hPa ~26,500 m, even more stratosphere

    Overlay :
    Show another dimension of data using color some overlays are valid at a specific height while others are valid for the entire thickness of the atmosphere
    • Wind - wind speed at specified height
    • Temp - temperature at specified height
    • RH - relative humidity at specified height
    • WPD - Instantaneous Wind Power Density. Measure of power available in the wind: ½ρv3, where ρ is air density and v is wind velocity
    • TPW - Total Precipitable Water. Total amount of water in a column of air stretching from ground to space
    • TCW - Total Cloud Water. Total amount of water in clouds in a column of air from ground to space
    • 3HPA - 3-hour Precipitation Accumulation. Amount of precipitation over the next three hours
    • CAPE - Convective Available Potential Energy from Surface. Indicates the buoyancy of air, a measure of atmospheric instability and predictor of severe weather
    • MSLP - Mean Sea Level Pressure. Air pressure reduced to sea level
    • MI - Misery Index. Perceived air temperature as combination of heat index and wind chill
    • SST - Sea Surface Temperature. Temperature of the ocean surface
    • SSTA - Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly. Difference in ocean temperature from daily average during years 1981-2011
    • HTSGW - Significant Wave Height. Roughly equal to mean wave height as estimated by a "trained observer"
    • COsc - Carbon Monoxide Surface Concentration. The fraction of carbon monoxide present in air at the earth's surface
    • CO2sc - Carbon Dioxide Surface Concentration. The fraction of carbon dioxide present in air at the earth's surface
    • SO2sm - Sulfur Dioxide Surface Mass. Amount of sulfur dioxide in the air near the earth's surface
    • DUex - Dust Extinction. The aerosol optical thickness (AOT) of light at 550 nm due to dust
    • SO4ex - Sulfate Extinction. The aerosol optical thickness (AOT) of light at 550 nm due to sulfate

    Projection :
    • Atlantis (A)
    • Azimuthal Equidistant (AE)
    • Conic Equidistant (CE)
    • Equirectangular (E)
    • Orthographic (O)
    • Patterson (P)
    • Stereographic (S)
    • Waterman Butterfly (WB)
    • Winkel Tripel (W3)

    Longitude :
    • Longitude (-360 - 360). Example: -214.68

    Latitude :
    • Latitude (-360 - 360). Example: 14.2

    Zoom :
    • Zoom (0-3000)

    Let's fly with the wind..

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    Users comments for Earth Weather Live

    Eric Katz

    by Eric Katz

    Feb 20, 2018  |  "OK"

    Not a good weather app. Very clumsy to use.

    Timothy Miller

    by Timothy Miller

    Feb 20, 2018  |  "Awesome"

    Awesome information available at your fingertips

    jojo Rodriguez

    by jojo Rodriguez

    Feb 13, 2018  |  "Awesome"

    Very good

    wayne thornton

    by wayne thornton

    Feb 12, 2018  |  "Awesome"

    Absolutely stunning realtime visual with features i never thought would be accessed through a app! Now if i can only learn what im visualizing the abbreviated functions are confusing and not understood unless you know your weather. Ill have to learn through experience. This easily is above and beyond what i expected. Thanks Developer

    Kevin McNeil

    by Kevin McNeil

    Feb 10, 2018  |  "Awesome"

    Ok thanks

    Richie Russ

    by Richie Russ

    Feb 09, 2018  |  "Poor"

    Doesn't load galaxy s8