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    Crochet, pronounced as krowshey, is a technique of making a piece of cloth using yarn and crochet hook. The word crochet comes from the French word meaning hook. If you know knit, then learning crochet will be easier because it is the same as knitting; The only difference between the two is that in a crochet only one circle is active at a time.

    Stitch Afghanistan
    Special hooks are used to create afghans, so there is more room for a large number of stitches. To crochet South Africa or Tunisia, you need to keep the right side of the work you've always faced, and work on the base chain, then create a line by swinging the thread first from right to left and the second half to the right. By learning this easy crochet pattern you can make scarves, blankets, and other easy patterns.

    For this pattern you first need to create a base chain and study a single crochet seam. To learn how to pin the hijab, use a large thread and a J-size or larger crochet hook. To make a scarf, first make a knot node and a base chain of about 14 stitches to get the length of the scarf. Then make more stitches and turns, then insert the button hooks on the second chain, and make more cricket stitches. In this way create a row with twisting stitches and keep making this, until you are satisfied with the size of the scarf.

    Baby blanket
    Choose a soft yarn that feels good for your skin, like cotton thread, to make baby blankets. Then using a similar stitch pattern like the scar pattern mentioned above, you can make a baby blanket. However, while learning to blanket a blanket the blanket size will be larger than a scarf, so instead of generating about 14 inches long to make a length of 36 inches and then working on it to form a line to complete the blanket.

    To clamp the hat, select the thread of your choice. To make an interesting hat you can use 2 or more colored threads. Again the similar stitch above can be used to make crochet hats. The only difference is you have to work in a circular pattern. So start knitting in a round, up to your head height, keep working in round stitches and slowly increase the stitches until the cap is big enough, and reach your ears.

    Easy Crochet Tutorials

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