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    The styles I have featured take a minute or less because these two little ladies are always on the go and have much more important things to do than to sit still and have their hair styled!

    These are hairstyles that any mom can do.

    I've also included a few links to pageant hair tutorials.

    I was so excited to find out I was going to be the mother of two little girls. I couldn't wait to put their hair in cute little pig tails with ribbons and bows. My little girls weren't born completely bald but the little hair they did have fell out before they were six months old. It fell out from the front to the back and grew back in from the back to the front so they have been sporting mullets for the past year.

    Our girls have finally grown enough hair for me to be a little creative. I am so excited to be able to share these cute little girl hairstyles!

    A Simple Idea For Picture Day

    Here is a beautiful, simple high bun hairstyle for picture day.As you can see my daughter has very thin hair so I will be using a sock to add volume to this hairstyle.I recommend using a sock that matches your little girl's hair color. My daughter loves pink so this is the sock she chose. Roll the sock from toe to ankle than tuck the opening over the toes.Split the hair on the top like you were going to make a pony tail on top of the head.Tuck the sock under the hairSecure with a rubber band or bobby pins. I always use rubber bands. My girls' do not have enough hair to cover the sock but we will fix that.Take the remaining loose over the top of the sock bun and secure with a rubber band. I like to use rubber bands because they hold the hairstyle secure and still allow my girls to run wild without getting poked by bobby pins.Bobby pins may be a bettHere top view of the easy hairstyle with side swept bangs.Place a giant bow or flower under the bun to finish off the hairstyle.Are you looking for a new hair style? This hairdo is super cute on big girls to!


    Braided Hairstyle For Girls
    I am still learning to French braid my daughters' hair. It takes a lot of practice and patience. These are cute and easy braids that only takes a few minutes and looks very cute. Simply make two braids, cross them and secure with bobby pins or barrettes. My girls still have very short hair but this hairstyle would look really cute if you poofed out the hair on the ends.

    Side Pony Tail

    The side pony tail is a favorite in our house. I didn't realize there was a problem with the classic ponytail until my daughters were old enough to start complaining about it. My girls are just ending the potty training stage. Placing a ponytail in the center of the back of their heads just isn't practical. It irritates them when I lay them down to change diapers. They also take naps in the middle of the day and sometimes prefer I leave their hair alone. The side ponytail allows them to sleep more comfortably without taking out the hairstyle.

    Corn Rows

    Here is my attempt at cornrows. My daughter was wiggling a little too much for me to roll the strands of hair but it still came out really cute. I added a little barrette to each little pigtail. She looked like a little lion when I was finished.

    Perfect For Valentine's Day - Cute Hairstyle With Little Rubberbands

    French Braided Side Ponytail

    This is the perfect little girl's hairstyle if your child plays a sport that requires a helmet or other type of headgear. The pony tails keep the hair nice and it also lie flat enough on the head to slip on a helmet.

    This is also a unique hairstyle for a special event such as a holiday party or wedding. You can up the "wow" factor of this hairstyle by simply adding a cute bow or barrette to each ponytail before gathering the hair for the next rubber band

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