Easy Steel Beam

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    Easy Steel Beam is a program targeted to architects and construction engineers. It covers one of the most common cases in small structures: a beam supported at both ends with a uniform load. You can additionally enter a concentrated load at the center.

    It aims to be fast and easy to use. Just enter the beam length and the load to get the beam you need.

    Easy Steel Beam supports the following standard steel sections:
    - Wide Flange Beams (North America)
    - IPE and HEB (Europe)
    - UB (United Kingdom)
    - UB (Australia)

    You can select your favorite system of units:
    - SI (metric)
    - MKS (metre-kilogram-second)
    - Imperial (inch-pound)

    It lets you adjust vertical deflection limits (both relative and absolute), safety factor, yield strength and modulus of elasticity.

    The output data contains: bending moment, support force, minimum modulus, minimum moment of inertia and, for each cross-section, maximum stress and deflection.

    The help section contains the formulas used and a complete explanation of how it works.

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