EBM Rater

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    EBM Rater is a simple, easy-to-use tool for students and clinicians to critically appraise a variety of clinical studies and to rapidly perform common EBM calculations. Each critical appraisal question is fully explained so that even EBM novices can easily read and appraise a study.

    - Unique "Evaluation" feature that summarizes the risk of bias in the appraised study
    - Contains appraisal criteria for all major study designs, including superiority and noninferiority RCTs, observational studies, diagnostic test studies, systematic reviews, guidelines, screening studies, prognostic studies
    - Uniquely contains criteria to appraise composite endpoints, subgroup effects, and surrogate endpoints
    - Contains all the EBM calculators you will need including NNT, NNH, patient specific NNT & NNH, post-test probability, and patient risk due to exposures (from observational studies)
    - Elegant design and intuitive interface
    - Full featured offline mode so no internet connection necessary
    - Developed in collaboration with a board-certified Internal Medicine physician and EBM expert