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    Publish your own app!

    We can compile an exclusive app for your business with the features you can see in this DEMO application.

    With an application like this, your company can increase sales, retain customers and expand its reach to new users and markets. In addition maximize accessibility to your business by the shortcut created in user's devices.

    Here are the main features of this solution that make it a powerful marketing tool.

    Highlighted features:

    - The different available views of the catalog give you more flexibility to choose the one that best suits your business.

    - The different color themes available allow you to choose the most appropriate to reflect the identity of your business on the application.

    - Promote the catalog items is very simple. You can create virtual categories to highlight certain items in the catalog.

    - Show where your business is located on the map, and so your customers can find you easily.

    - Show contact information so that your customers can contact you using different channels (phone, email, website, etc.).

    - Work seamlessly with the Restaurant Menu solution. The same content already used in Restaurant Menu can be published using an app with these characteristics.

    - Update the contents in real time of your application with Restaurant Menu in Superuser role as a management tool.

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