EcoSmart Live




    Control and program your EcoTech products wirelessly at any time from anywhere.
    - Preview colors on your Radions in Kelvin and RGB scales using an intuitive color wheel
    - Preview pump modes and pulse times on your VorTechs and Vectras
    - Create and manage Radion and VorTech presets
    - Start a thunderstorm or demonstration mode on your Radions
    - Make adjustments and preview your daily Radion, VorTech and Vectra schedules
    - Manage settings for your all of your EcoTech products
    - Create new aquariums as you add new EcoTech products to your profile
    - Conveniently access product control as well as Feed Mode from the "Home" screen
    - Upgrade your existing EcoSMART VorTech pumps to be compatible with EcoSmart Live (QuietDrive and Vectra pumps are ready out of the box)
    - Manage your aquariums with the Device Manager

    * Please note that the app requires an active EcoSmart Live account and was designed for use with a ReefLink.

    The EcoSmart Live Android app is available in English, German, Italian, French, Japanese and Spanish.

    *NOTE: Any text within the new features are in US English. Translations for the new content will be added at a later date.

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