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    Education Bundle For Kids

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    Education Bundle For Kids

    Congrats parents ! finally we are presenting complete education bundle for your children . Basic Math, English, And fun for kids with gaming section. Yes Children now can play games and get learning.Quiz Section is also available for testing.Install This Free app on your android devices,no need to buy expensive and different kind of books.A complete solution for your kids to learn at home.This part of application teaches the tricks of basic math operations like:
    1. Addition
    2. Subtraction
    3. Numbers Equations
    Kids Number Play facilitate the kids to visualize the addition, subtraction methods graphically.
    A quiz type teaching methodology has been adapted in this application with dynamic graphical interface.
    The Numbers are spoken in kid-friendly English, preschoolers that made learning numbers and basic math skills enjoyable.
    Parents love to see their preschoolers as well as young school going kids, being both educated and quietly happy.

    ABC And 123

    The ABC & 123 Game Is a fun way for your child to practice & learn basic math numbers & eng alphabet. The learning maths &
    eng is ina very simple playing way. The kids Just Have to burst the specific bubbles popping in air contining a letter or a
    number specified audionically with a simple & beautiful sounds.
    Kids ll Play with bubbles & learn the basic maths & english. Parents ll definetely feel much satisfaction & pleasure while
    their child playong & learning this useful application.

    Child Numbers And Math

    •How to draw 123
    •Can change the line colors.
    •Can erase the drawn line.
    •Counting from 1 to 20.
    •Voice interaction with the kids.
    The 2nd section of app is playing a Quiz.
    In which kid select the right answer for the total images displayed.
    Learning to count is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Watch your toddler discover the simple joy of learning as they tap and count along.
    Key features include:
    1. Identifying the minimum and maximum numbers in a very interactive way the
    application ask the Kids to chose or select the minimum or maximum no among the specific set of nos.
    2. Matching Numbers
    An interactive way to enhance the power of Kid's memory.
    The green apples have the matching no. of pairs when the Kids touch these apples the apples change their color
    to red along with no displayed.
    When a pair is matched, the red pair apples dropped down.
    Junior Math is an interactive application which makes learning Numbers easy, simple and fun which helps kids Numbers learn

    Kids learn very quickly through play. Junior Math application is an interactive educational game through which your child

    can develop hand-eye
    coordination and observation skills.

    ABC And 123 Game

    The ABC & 123 Game Is a fun way for your child to practice & learn basic math numbers & English alphabet.

    * All Alphabets includes letters A to Z.
    * Real sound.
    * Nice 3D look.
    * Easy alphabet recognition for kids.
    * Attractive colorful 3D Graphics for toddlers.
    * As you touch the screen then respective alphabet will be displayed.
    Teach your children the letters of the alphabet while having fun!

    Kids Numbers and Balloon

    1. Counting:
    In counting section of the application, when kids click on the Next button, the appropriate number of balloons apear on the

    sacreen in differnet colors. Kids can easily learn the numbers by counting the colorful balloons, the intersting thing is

    that balloons have number displayed on the faces with beautiful flying sound.
    The numbers are spoken in kids-freindly English.
    2. Counting Test:
    counting test is basically a counting skill test for kids. Your kids have to click the ballons in counting order like

    1,2,3,4 and so on.
    The game is chellenging with 5 levels, each level includes 10 numbers ranging from 1 to 50. On completing every level, kids

    can look their scoring points, time for completion and mistakes done by kid. Have a great fun with counting balloons

    application improving the math skills of pre schoolers as well as school going kids.