Egyptian Hieroglyphics 1

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    Egyptian Hieroglyphics 1 is designed to provide a simple way for beginning egyptophiles to memorize some of the commonly used words and letters found in Middle Egyptian inscriptions. Egyptian Hieroglyphs 1 is easy to use and suitable for all users.

    Touch the screen to take a quiz. Touch the item on the right that matches the one on the left. If you get it right - touch the screen again for another quiz. Your session score will show at the top of the home screen. Track your progress with multiple sessions. Look back into a session to see what you missed. Changing levels allows you to practice with both the transliteration and the translation when you've mastered basic recognition of the hieroglyphs in the set.

    Several sets of hieroglyphs are included. The first group is the set of hieroglyphs that relate to single consonants. The next group consists of commonly used double consonant hieroglyphs. The remaining sets are vocabulary words. They are available in two ways; in groups of 25 to 30 words and in a single collection of over 150 words

    Although Egyptian Hieroglyphics 1 can be used by itself, it is best used in conjunction with a good book on reading Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

    A free product using the same engine is available if you wish to try it out. Egyptian Letters includes the single consonants, double consonants and a sample vocabulary.

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