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    Egyptian Letters is designed to help beginning Egyptophiles learn to recognize and interpret a set of Middle Egyptian Hieroglyphs and their relationship to the English Alphabet. It does not replace a good book on reading hieroglyphics, but can help with the memorization.

    Egyptian Letters is easy to use. Touch the screen when Thoth is displayed and the will present a quiz using the currently selected hieroglyphic set. The item displayed on the left is the clue. Touch the item on the right (one of five) that matches the clue. If your selection is wrong the app displays the correct answer and what you selected. If you selected the right one it returns to the Thoth screen.

    From the menu you can display a list of the hieroglyphs or the details of any one of them ( in the current set ). You can select a different set of hieroglyphs.

    Three sets of hieroglyphs are included.

    1) The Single Letter glyphs
    2) Common Double Letter glyphs
    3) a sample Vocabulary of 25 common words

    The menu also allows you to create additional profiles. Each profile can have multiple sessions. A session is a percentage score and a history of the 'missed' quiz's. You can review this history to see which hieroglyphs you've missed in any of your sessions. Creating a new session resets your percentage score.

    This product includes 129 of the basic hieroglyphs. If you find it useful please take a look at our product, Egyptian Hieroglyphics 1 which uses the same engine but includes a larger vocabulary.

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