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    EHR Medical Practice Automation by ConstantMD

    Users :

    Physicians, Physical Therapists, Optometrists, Nurse Practitioners, Dentists, Podiatrists, any other health care professionals and health care institutions like clinics, hospitals, procedure centers, assisted living homes, nursing homes and others.

    Features and benefits:

    This is a web based EHR Medical Practice Automation with secure MESSAGE CENTER, PATIENT ORGANIZER, PATIENT SCHEDULER and many other features with secure access from anywhere with smart phone, tablet, laptop and desktop. Message center helps to create secure communication with thousands of patients in the practice and other healthcare providers. It also helps to transfer secure medical documents between provider and patient & provider and provider.
    It is very secure and HIPAA compliant. Please review our security features.
    User can sign up and use free for small number of patients. ConstantMD provides free upgrade on request. Thousands of patients in the practice can be organized and their schedules can be managed with this robust app.
    It has smart patient organizer where practitioners can add all the patients in the practice, it has different search options, user can create custom lists, set reminders etc.
    Email reminder to the patients for schedule time can be added. It reduces the cancelation and failure to show up for appointments.
    Schedule setting can be adjusted according to the need of the practice. Vacation, time off, holidays and weekends can be customized. So it can be used anywhere around the world and any type of practice.
    It is very user friendly, patient can be scheduled very quickly, scheduled can be moved from one slot to another easily, time in the slot can be adjusted according to need; follow up appointment can be created quickly.
    Customization for multiple providers can be done on request.
    Secure Message Center can show all the messages that are not opened by the recipient patient or provider. So all the messages that are not opened by the recipient can be tracked and action can be taken. All patients in the practice get a free secure Health Tracker & Manager account with message center to communicate with provider. All providers with EHR can communicate between each other through secure message center.
    Other features of a robust EHR (Electronic Health Records) and Practice Management Software including Patient Chart, Patient Monitoring System, Management of Employees in the practice and any other features can be added on request.
    Functionalities of Assisted Living/ Retirement Home Management Software, Nursing Home Management Software and any other practice management software can be added on request.
    For any question, special features and customization please contact us.

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