Electrical Calculator and Formula




    Electrical Calculator and Formula is an app that will help you calculate useful formulas of Electrical in a very simple way. App includes formula to help you recall the method of calculations.

    Key features includes:
    - SMD Register Code

    - Wire Size - Here you can calculate wire size for Single as well as Three Phase connection. You can select material like copper or aluminium used in wire. Here you need to supply Voltage, Load (Ampere, Watt, Kilo Watt, Horse Power), Distance (in feet, or in meter), and Power Factor.

    - Ohm’s Law - Calculate Voltage using combination of
    - Current and Resistance
    - Power and Resistance
    - Power and Current
    Similarly calculate values for Current, Resistance, and Power. App includes formulas with appropriate description.

    - Series-Parallel - Here calculate values for
    - Resister in Series
    - Register in Parallel
    - Capacitor in Series
    - Capacitor in Parallel
    - Inductor in Series
    - Inductor in Parallel

    - Single Phase - Calculations available here includes
    - One Phase Power
    - One Phase Voltage
    - One Phase Current
    - One Phase Power Factor
    - One Phase Kva
    Formulas available here helps you understand the calculation in a much better way.

    - Three Phase - Calculations available here includes
    - Three Phase Power, Voltage, and Current
    - Three Phase Power Factor
    - Three Phase Kva

    - Conversion - Available calculations includes
    - Star to Delta
    - Delta to Star
    - Hp - Kw

    - Color Code -
    - Resister Color Code
    - Here you can calculate resistance for 4 Band, 5 Band and 6 Band resistance.
    - Inductor Color Code
    - Here calculation available includes for 4 Band resistance.

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