Electronic Structure UPGRADE




    Complete the electronic structure for the first 20 elements, and their associated ions, using Bohr-Rutherford diagrams and in number form. The app supports teaching and learning of chemistry at grade 9 or 10 level.

    In the UK, it supports the first section of the year 10 GCSE chemistry syllabus (UK). Also suitable for pupils in Y11 who are revising for GCSE chemistry or GCSE science exams.

    Add electrons into shells or energy levels by pressing on the screen where an electron is required.

    When enough electrons have been added, press "check", and either "correct" or "wrong" will appear. If wrong, there is a hint on how to improve.

    Press "Clear" to remove all electrons and start again

    Press "Undo" to remove the last electron added.

    Level 1:
    Complete Electronic Structure for first 20 elements and ions

    Level 2:
    Calculate the number of protons, neutrons and electrons for various elements, ions and isotopes from across the periodic table

    Level 3:
    Complete electronic structures and calculate number of protons, neutrons and electrons for the first 20 elements and ions

    Within each level are varying degrees of difficulty. The easiest level is going through atoms only in order. The next level takes the user through ions.
    The 'hard' level is random atoms and ions.
    For level 1 and 3, the 'challenge' level is doing electronic structure in number form instead of by adding electrons to shells.

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