Email Client Multi Account for Email Group Login




    Email client multi account - Unify Inbox, put all your email in one place

    Communicating with people via email is really important. Email Client was created to put all your email address in one place. It makes communication via smoothly on the mobile. You can read, reply and attach files.

    You will never miss an important email or search for them in a boring way on your mobile device. All you need to do is mail sign in and enjoy the benefits of Email Client .

    What will make you love this group email app:

    Email boxer, multi email
    The email login app will put all ymail group in one place. All your changes will be saved and synchronized between accounts. You can view incoming email client from both private and work email group.

    100% Information Security
    Your data is always protected and email account manager are 100% safe. You will never have to worry about revealing important information.

    Visually Appealing
    The application is designed in a modern style to help email reader & email opener, edit emails in an intuitive and simple way. Download the application and feel!

    Quick Filters
    Our filters will make it easy to open mail box with the shortest time. You can search mail for the keywords in the emails.

    Simplify your mail reader experience
    Helps you work more efficiently with built-in email editing features.

    Main features of the read email for free app:
    - Email sign in with multiple Gmail accounts
    - Open email account and reply to email
    - Edit emails and attach files, mail client
    - Mail is organized by: inbox, starred, attachments, drafts, spam
    - Group email by time, all mails in one app
    - Search email address by keyword
    - View details of email box, all in one mail

    We work hard to simplify your mail login experience and keep your personal information safe. If you have problems in signing in to your device or have security issues, please send us an email or comment below.
    Sincerely thank you and do not forget to rate 5* mail box app to support the developer!