The current employment process from career fair to interview is very convoluted and complicated. Students are asked to bring résumés for all the companies they visit and some extra just in case. When talking with a recruiter at a career fair, most of the time they take your paper résumé, put it off to the side, and tell you to apply online. The problem is that the paper résumé can be a hassle for recruiters and the online application process can be a hassle for students. EmployME has the opportunity to change the recruitment process by making it easier for recruiters to take notes during the career fair, sync those notes with notes from other recruiters, and connect with students. For the students, the product will make it easier for them to share their résumé with recruiters and apply for jobs.

    EmployME's mission is to eliminate the need to bring a résumé to the career fair. Our vision is to make it easier to connect recruiters to employees and vice versa, and to create an all in one place for the recruitment process for both the student and recruiter.

    This application has been created by a team of students at University of Maryland - College Park.