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    Short description: This App is a faster way to tap into the world of Enterprise Architecture to create anatomical model of the Enterprise and solve business problems "on the fly" by factor of 10.

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    ICMG Consulting is focused on using "enterprise anatomy" (building blocks) driven Enterprise Solutions. Similar to medical practice, there are two important aspects to consider, one is the understanding of "enterprise anatomy" and second is ability to create “enterprise x-rays".
    This App is a faster way to tap into the world of Enterprise Architecture to create the anatomical model of the Enterprise and solve business problems "on the fly" by factor of 10.
    An enterprise doctor should be able to use the methodology to isolate and treat enterprise disorders in a timely manner. We have seen the applicability across a wide range of problems across several business verticals and company of various sizes.
    ICMG Education has introduced a new program which is specially designed for Managers & Decision Makers.
    The idea is inspired by medical practice, wherein a medical doctor, who understands the human anatomy, uses the symptoms (narrated by a patient) to understand the problem and narrow it down to specific organ/organs, then applies x-ray techniques to get the necessary insight and uses the x-ray for diagnosis before arriving at possible solution options. Interestingly, we are witnessing a great acceptance of this methodology of problem-solving using Enterprise Anatomy as a basis for solving enterprise disorders in a timely manner.

    ICMG is also well known for its exceptionally popular Enterprise & IT Architecture Excellence Awards competition. Every year Global and Regional companies are Awarded in 20 plus categories which have become an industry benchmark.

    Key Features of EntArch App:
    The following Key services can now be easily accessed from your mobile handset.

    Short Video
    Access over 30 – 40 Short Videos on Insight to Process Improvement, Problem Diagnosis, CEO Solutions etc.,

    Free Webinars
    Free access to our live and interactive webinars ($199 each) every week using EntArch App

    Q & A:
    Question and Answers between John Zachman and Sunil Dutt Jha that will change your perception about Enterprise Architecture (22 short videos)

    Short quiz
    Measure your Enterprise Architecture skills (Seven minutes)

    Self Assessment
    Does your organization require "Enterprise Architects" (self-assessment)

    10 Methodologies
    10 Methodologies that will help you to quick start anatomy driven enterprise solutions.

    Short Readings
    More than 40 short readings on Enterprise Anatomy, Strategy executions, process improvement, digital transformation

    Download Posters
    Download posters (10 Methodologies, CEO’s Problem Solving, Brain Sticker) and share them for easy understanding of Enterprise Anatomy driven solutions

    Offers & Discounts
    Scratch and Win additional discounts for Workshop, E-Learning, Consulting. Collect your coupons!

    Schedule 2017
    View the complete event schedule, explore all of the offered sessions, and get detailed agenda, experts and other workshop information.

    ICMG EntArch App is faster way to tap into the world of Enterprise Architecture. Quickly and easily access the rich and interactive content about Enterprise Anatomy driven solutions that you need. Receive announcements and obtain the most up-to-date information to assist your Enterprise in creating its “Enterprise Anatomy” and solve your Business Problems “on the fly”.

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