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    With the EROSKI club Pay App you can pay, arrange finance and withdraw money using your mobile phone, in a quick, convenient and secure way, without having to present your EROSKI club credit card and subject to the same conditions:
    • Pay for your purchases in the usual way, both in and outside of EROSKI.
    • There is the option to finance purchases at EROSKI by requesting it at the checkout.
    • You can withdraw cash (against your available limit) by requesting it at EROSKI checkouts.

    Requirements for using the App:
    • Your mobile phone must be compatible with the Android 4.4.2 version or higher and have Contactless (NFC) technology for mobile payment use.
    • Internet connection for registering and verifying the app on your mobile phone.
    • You must have a username and password for the My Credit Card area (Customer Area) and have signed the multi-channel contract. If you do not have a password, you can request one at any time.
    • You must set up your EROSKI club credit card for mobile payment and establish it as the default in the event that you have other mobile payment applications.

    At the time of the transaction:
    • Have your mobile phone unlocked and the NFC receiver connected. And, if you do not have the EROSKI club credit card set up as the default payment method, you must also select the card on your mobile phone.
    • Move your mobile phone closer to the shop's payment terminal until you hear the confirmation signal.
    • If the purchase is more than €20, enter your PIN. The PIN number will be the same as the one for the EROSKI club credit card.
    When financing in an EROSKI centre, state this at the checkout, applying the conditions of the promotion that is in force at the time.

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