ESB is the Connectivity Smart Technology transforming your e-bike experience.
    Do you have a Connected e-Bike with GPS battery and ESB integration? This is your app!

    Check if your e-bike is connected in the e-bike manual or contact your retailer before to install the app.
    Get started today!

    Once launched and connected to the vehicle, ESB automatically recognizes the electronics version integrated in your e-bike:
    - *ESB.CORE* allows to connect your e-bike online via the smartphone Bluetooth connection.
    - *ESB.PLUS* transmits data to the cloud via GPS/GPRS; whether or not connected to a smartphone and enables additional features.
    Register the e-bike easily, discover unique features and take your riding to a new level:

    *ESB.CORE* main features:
    - MAINTENANCE NOTIFICATIONS: receive automatic messages for improving your vehicle usage (battery state of health, no. of cycles, voltage etc.) and preserve warranty conditions.
    - REAL-TIME SUPPORT: contact the Technical Support via app and receive real-time assistance by remote.
    - NAVI SYSTEM: set a destination on the map, choose one of the suggested routes for e-bikes and enjoy your trip!
    - COCKPIT: check your speed, riding time and covered distance while riding in a safe way. You can also record your ride!
    - CONTROL DASHBOARD & SOCIAL ACTIVITY: motivate yourself by monitoring your travelled km, speed, calories burned and share your scores and routes with friends on the social networks!

    *ESB.PLUS* additional GPS/GPRS-based features:
    - ANTI-THEFT: activate the alarm from the app and receive an immediate sound warning when the e-bike is displaced from its position! The system automatically stops the pedal assistance by remote and shows you the alarm route on the map.
    - CRASH DETECTION: ride safely thanks to a system that detects the e-bike crashes and, if you do not stop a countdown, sends SMS with GPS coordinates to your pre-set contacts and start an emergency call!
    - NAVIGATOR & REAL REACH: when you set a destination on the map, you can also see the area you can ride with the remaining battery charge and assist level you are using.
    - REMOTE DATA CHECK: check your e-bike diagnostic data in every moment, even if the e-bike is not connected to your smartphone!

    How to register your e-bike:
    1. Sign up with your credentials, enter the verification code received via e-mail and complete your profile
    2. Turn on the e-bike and enable the Bluetooth on your Smartphone
    3. Add your e-bike by entering its serial number or scanning the QR code

    Find out the other features of BULLS Connected eBike app: thanks to the integration of the ESB Technology, the Connectivity System retrieves the data from your e-bike and sends them to a cloud platform via GPS/GPRS and Bluetooth.

    For further information about the e-bike models embedding ESB Technology visit

    The whole e-bike supply chain, upon your consent, can read e-bike data working parameters that are automatically sent to the cloud-based server, ready to be analyzed in order to optimize the production and the customer service.
    Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease the smartphone battery life.

    Make sure you have a Connected e-Bike before installing the app: check it in your e-bike manual or contact your retailer. Thank you!

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