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    Event Logger

    by: SkyNet Software 460 7.4

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    Easily keep track of what your phone is doing.

    Event Logger will keep track of the following events:

    WiFi Enabled/Disabled
    WiFi Connected/Disconnected
    Bluetooth Enabled/Disabled
    GPS Enabled/Disabled
    Power Connected/Disconnected
    Orientation Changed
    Locale Changed
    Screen On/Off
    Screen Unlocked
    SMS Received
    App Started
    Call Events(Incoming/Outgoing)
    Headphones Plugged/Unplugged
    Media Scanner Started/Stopped
    Phone Booted
    Phone Shutting Down/Restarting
    User Changed Time/Date/Timezone
    Airplane Mode On/Off
    Battery Level Ok/Low
    Wallpaper Changed
    Volume Changed

    Events that works only with exposed framework:
    Media Play/Pause

    Events to be added in future releases:

    HDMI Plugged/Unplugged
    NFC On/Off
    Service Started/Stopped
    Mobile Network On/Off
    SD Card Removed/Inserted/Mounted/Unmounted

    • ACCESS_WIFI_STATE - to determine if wifi is on/off
    • ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - determine connectivity change (connected/disconnected)
    • BLUETOOTH - determine bluetooth state (on/off)
    • BLUETOOTH_ADMIN - determine bluetooth state (on/off)
    • RECEIVE_SMS - intercept incoming sms(only phone number is stored)
    • READ_PHONE_STATE - detect incoming calls
    • PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS - detect outgoing calls
    • INTERNET - used for ads and sending crash reports
    • RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - detect that phone has booted up
    • ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION - detect GPS state (on/off)
    • GET_TASKS - get running applications on a device
    • RESTART_EVENT_SERVICE - internal permission, used to restart service when killed by sistem

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