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    Ever go to a trip, party, grocery, or shopping store and has trouble noting your expense down?

    •  A calculator allow you to add and subtract the expenses yet at the result you lost track of what each expense is. You forgot what each item on your trip, grocery,party or your shopping are.

    •  A note app allow you to take notes but you will have to use another calculator app to calculate your expenses and incomes. Yes, now you have all the list of either trip, party, travel, groceries or your shopping. Yet, you have to use the above calculator to calculate your expenditures.

    •  A full-blown expense manager is too complex. You don't want to go through multiple pages and fields just to save a record. This allow you to do everything. Put in numbers and list down what each number related to which item of your trip, travel, groceries or shopping list. This is very good. How much time did you waste on listing this?

    •  A full-blown spreadsheet software is too much. You don't want to manually adjust formula to suit this simple task. Yes. create new spreadsheet. Write down expenditure and income. put in a formula. Zoom-in and zoom-out. Ops, put them in a wrong cell. Need an adjustment.

    Expense Lister is your answer. No more complex steps before entering any numbers or texts. You do not need to categorize your type. Just minimalistic text entries. You write number on the left and a note of the right. It is super easy and simple just like a sheet of paper and a pen. It both has a calculator function and you can note besides. It automatically calculates each number you input on-the-fly. Spreadsheet like yet simpler and minimalistic interface.

    Toggling between spending and income is a tap away. Tap at the sign in front of each record.

    Your list of expense is calculated at the bottom of the screen, automatically. Easier than Spreadsheet software.
    In Spreadsheet, you will have to write sum() and choose which cell to do summation. If you happen to expand more range of cells, you have to go adjust the formula. No more spreadsheet formula.

    Expense Lister automatically save data for you.

    Switching mode is easy. Click the toggling button near add record button to change mode. You can easily rearrange your list of expense with a drag and drop. Also, you can individually delete each record.

    Expense Lister supports multiple sheets. You can use one sheet for a trip expense, another for a grocery, another for a meal. You can rename your sheet, too.

    The interface is minimalistic and self-explanatory. There is not much words to slow down your experiences. It is tap this and tap that.

    You can expand your screen with a tap on the small title. It is minimalistic and subtle.

    Featured since version 1.30. Built-in calculator added. You can have additions, subtracts, multiply, or divides for each item in your sheet. It is more convenient.

    Cloud-based Drive and External Storage backup are now supported.

    This app ,for me personally, aims for trip, travel, party, shopping and groceries. However, possibility of Expense Lister doesn't limit there. You can use it as a tracker of your daily expenses. You can use as your budget sheet. Your daily financial record is also possible. Cashflow calculation is also possible.

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