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    Until now life always had his ups and downs. But now you will be able to paint a big smile on everybody’s face. The exciting, amusing and very entertaining Face Warp & Morph Photo Effect app is here.

    Live Face Morph:
    Brighten the day of your friends with the hilarious face morpher.
    Simply choose a picture, than adapt it with the fingers until eyes and mouth match with the drawn ones. Transform whoever you want into an animal and watch it gradually happen. Transform all of your acquaintances into a lion, a cat, a dog, a hippo, a fish and many more.
    You can save all the morphing’s as a video or a gif and share it with your friends.

    Face Warp:
    If you want to boost your own creativity and fantasy you can always use the face warp option.
    Take a downloaded photo or one of your gallery and distort, bend, stretch or melt the face as you like.
    Make the subjects of your pictures skinnier or fatter by narrowing or enlarging their faces.
    Transform your friends in some sort of amazing monsters by displacing and deforming completely their faces.
    Take some pictures of your colleagues at work / school, at your sport club, from your class mates, etc. and create some comic caricatures of them to share a big smile with them.

    With this fantastic tool you will be able to create fake pictures to send per mail, share with Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype, another Messenger Tool or simply upload them to Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox etc.

    - Warp tool (Select the warp tool, tap somewhere on the face of your image and drag to move around pixels.)
    - Squeeze and bloat tools
    - Rotate your pics clockwise and counterclockwise
    - Responsive and quick manipulation
    - You can warp every image whether it has been made from your camera or if it has been downloaded from internet.
    - Ad some animated cartoon special effects
    - Save and share your amusing pictures with the world

    Tips: Download some cool celebrity (VIP) or politicians pictures (e. g. from movie, music or tv stars, actors, presidents, dictators, etc.) and submit them to plastic surgery (morph their face as it pleases you) it will be exhilarating.

    Take a picture of your boy / girlfriend and deform his / her face like it would be made of rubber and check if they have a good sense of humor. ;-)

    With this free face changer app it is very easy to fake your photos. Enjoy it!

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