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    Family Alert , a Microsoft Openness Ideas Winner, is a family safety app. It allows you to know where family members are at anytime of the day.Stay connected with family members throughout the day. From school to busy days at work or even while in traffic, know their whereabouts without the hassle of constant phone calls and messages. Keep in touch with frequent location updates and long battery life.In the event of an emergency, a distress alert can be sent at the touch of a button.

    Family members must have Family Alert installed. Add their number to "Contacts" and they must add your number to "Contacts", to ensure privacy and consent.
    Test the app by getting your family member to press their emergency button.

    Setup & Subscription Guide :

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    Things to know about Family Alert Apps:
    Simple to set up.
    Android phones can be monitored.
    If the phone is rebooted,Family Alert Apps continue to run.
    Force an emergency tone even if the phone is on vibrate or silent.
    Virtually no impact on battery life.
    Find your phone when lost or stolen.
    Tablet compatible.
    To maintain accuracy , Location Updates errors will be within a 25 m radius of exact location.
    Uses all the possible location methods: GPS, Cell Tower Triangulation and Wi-Fi.
    Set a custom photo for every person you are monitoring.
    For user-friendly reading, Parent Alert converts the GPS coordinates of your child’s location into a visual map display and address location.
    Works anywhere in the world.
    Use the power button as a quick key to send out a distress message.
    Monitor the users discreetly. Users are also able to send distress alerts discreetly in dangerous situations.

    Family Alert will notify the you once a family member has moved more than 50 meters away from their previous location (Location Update). Information such as: Time/Date, Address,Battery Status, Map & Street View of the location and Directions to the family member’s location will be sent to you.
    An unique distress tone is used as a notification when an Emergency Update is sent to you, prompting easy identification and immediate action. A distress tone can still be heard even if the phone is on vibrate or silent mode. The tone will continue to persist until the parent views the message. This simplicity in design allows easy navigation and identification of the family member in distress. The overview feature finds the closest rest stops, police stations, hospitals and petrol station and places to eat, you are able to see family members at a glance on the map.

    The mobile application tracks the general location of the member. It is also equipped with a distress button which the family member can activate when faced with a possibly dangerous situation. The distress button can be activated discreetly via pressing the phone’s power button 5 times in quick succession. The simplicity of the design makes the application easy to use in times of crisis. Once the distress button is activated, family members with Family Alert will be notified instantly.

    *Some countries do not support street view as yet , to check if the feature is available in your area please visit :

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