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    Published: 2017-08-29, by .

    Be creative, upload your videos, get as many likes as possible and win the best prizes!

    • Great rewards
    • Original fan-created content
    • Intuitive interface

    "Share, watch and win"


    Fanfare is an original app that has created a community that achieves to improve the engagement between brands and its fans. Thanks to Fanfare, fans can participate in brand campaigns and win awesome prizes by creating and sharing cool campaign-related videos.

    Every brand will post the conditions of the campaign videos: what they expect you to do in the video, the rewards and other details. Then, the most liked video will win the fantastic prize!

    However, even if you don't have the most liked video, there are usually rewards for a couple of participants. In fact, you can earn Fanfare diamonds just for uploading videos and exchanging them for great rewards that you can choose.

    In addition, you will be able to watch original fan-created content, informal product review videos and fresh buzz about your favourite brands.


    The best thing about this app is that lets fans participate in brand campaigns and win great rewards just by uploading videos. So, what are you waiting for? Be creative, upload your videos, get as many likes as possible and win the best prizes!


    It can be a bit frustrating if you do your best and you don't get enough likes to win, however, although you don't get the first prize, you can earn other rewards collecting diamonds. So, keep trying!

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    by Miquel

    Aug 29, 2017


    FANFARE is for ALL the FAVORITE THINGS in your LIFE.

    Fanfare is a community co-creating and video-sharing platform for Fans to share anything and everything about their favorite Brands; and for Brands to engage their well-loved Fans, through video content, rewards and social commerce.

    • Your PASSION for anything you LOVE in a cool video.
    • Your JOY for everything you HAVE in a fun video.
    • Your DESIRE for something you WANT in a creative video.

    • Original fan-created content.
    • Informal product review videos.
    • Fresh buzz about your beloved brands.

    • Instant Rewards for posting videos of your favorite Brands.
    • Amazing Prizes for the most liked videos in Brand Campaigns.
    • Fanfare Diamonds to redeem Fantastic Premiums.

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