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    "Animal Farm" is the first set of classified images, based on the principles of Montessori pedagogy, available on google play for free.

    This set allows to identify and name the different animals on a farm.
    The classified images are dedicated to enriching the vocabulary. They can be used with the Schleich figurines.

    This application has two modes:
    01 / illustrations of farm animals with their name.
    02 / silhouette of the animal without text, followed by color illustration with his name.

    How to use this set:
    -For younger children (18/24 months), just show them a picture, by appointing a clear voice the name of the animal.

    Many sets of classifications on different themes are coming soon.
    Alternative Montessori
    outils pédagogiques by Adeline Alternatives

    This set was produced in partnership with Schleich.

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