Fat Burning Exercise Program

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    Fat Burning Exercise Program

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    - Both fat and carbs are burned during exercise. Burn the most fat while burning the least carbs with this program.
    - Get your accurate fat threshold and find appropriate exercise intensity.
    - This application calculates your optimal heart rate range to reduce the body fat percentage.
    - Record your exercise duration and average heart rate for progress check and reevaluation.
    - Health centers with exercise test equipment can conduct Bruce Protocol with treadmill to measure VO2 and VCO2 consumption at Phase 1 and Phase 2. With that information, this app will evaluate the fat threshold and fat burning rating. Then, it will provide the customized heart rate zone for effective fat burning. Individuals can plug in their weight, age, height, and gender if they cannot take the sub-maximal exercise test.
    - Estimation is calculated with data from 975 sample group.
    - VO2max (maximum oxygen 1 kg of body weight can consume for 1 min) has been the indicator for exercise intensity. This application converts this confusing measure to heart rate for practical application.
    - Once the exercise intensity goes over the fat threshold, it becomes anaerobic exercise. At this state, more carbs are burned and the workout becomes painful with fatigue. Working out doesn’t have to be painful. Efficiently work out with this app.
    - Research project funded by Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.

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