FenixVoz allows you to make free and super reasonably priced phone calls anywhere in the world using WiFi networks and 3G / 4G data, without using minutes from your mobile. You can save up to 90% compared to the rates of your local operator.
    * Optimum quality of video calls.
    * Turns your TV or tablet into a smartphone.
    * Available for Android and Apple.

    Why use FENIXVOZ?
    - Free and unlimited calls and text messages between FenixVoz users.
    - Make calls and send text messages to any phone number in the world.
    - The best resolution in video calls.
    - With FenixVoz and its specialized Zoom, you can have your video calls from the comfort of your TV screen at home.
    - No roaming costs, even when you make calls outside your country.
    - Call any number of mobile or fixed lines in more than 200 countries at the lowest rates.
    - Your phone number is shown when your friends and family receive your calls.
    - Voice calls are transmitted on the network dedicated to high quality VoIP FenixVoz.
    - HD voice technology for superior quality.
    - If you have a limited Internet connection, you can still make calls with Zangi, using our service "callback": let us manage your connection, so you can enjoy full accessibility to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

    FREE Calls are no longer low quality at FenixVoz!

    Incredible Premium Features
    - Call History and consumption balance.
    - Blocking unwanted calls.
    - Web access to Fenix Telecomunications for easy credit recharge.
    - Availability of rates of calls to local and mobiles for all countries.
    - Turn your phone into a Walkie-Talkie. Press to Talk!

    FENIXVOZ - The best app for free calls and text messages!

    (1). Free SMS and international calls only between users FenixVoz.
    (2). FenixVoz uses Internet calls (also known as WiFi calls, calls IP or VoIP calls) which requires data connection.
    (3). Unlike calling cards for international calls, FenixVoz doesn’t consume minutes of your line.

    Some of our rates:

    Calls to Argentina: 0.18 USD / min
    Calls to Bolivia: 0.20 USD / min
    Calls to Brazil: USD 0.19 / min
    Calls to Chile: 0.12 USD / min
    Calls to Colombia: 0.12 USD / min
    Calls to Ecuador: 0.24 USD / min
    Calls to Panama: 0.18 USD / min
    Calls to Peru: 0.17 USD / min
    Calls to Spain: 0.08 USD / min
    Calls to EEUU 0.08 USD / min
    Calls to Venezuela: 0.18 USD / min

    To know the rate of calls to other countries in the world (China, United Kingdom, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Canada, Iraq, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Thailand, Mexico, Ethiopia, Australia, Cameroon and 180 other countries), please download and start the application.

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