PEF Log - asthma tracker

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    PEFLog asthma tracker makes Peak Expiratory Flow monitoring and assessment super easy for everybody. PEFLog doesn't require registration so the app is ready in seconds.

    PEF Log asthma monitor mobile application supports treatment decisions and it works as an asthma assessment helper and users can use it for asthma self monitoring and reporting.

    The application helps asthma doctors, nurses and users workload by automating and digitising manual phases to export, transform, present and send data that is needed for asthma diagnosis and monitoring. PEFLog understands bronchodilatation and produces results and reports automatically.

    I'm a father of four and found traditional PEF monitoring difficult, boring and time consuming. I tried to use pen and paper with my children but it didn't really work out. I ended up creating snappy PEFLog-mobile application for myself and for my children. The idea behind PEFLog was to make asthma tracking as simple as possible.


    - Save Peak Flow results with ease
    - Edit results and monitoring periods
    - Timer to remind about the next blow after having medication
    - Comprehensive report and charts
    - Daily variation, period's variation and average variation
    - Bronchodilatation (impact of the medication)
    - Reference PEF (calculated based on age, height and gender)
    - Personal best (calculated or manual)
    - Colour zones (green, yellow, red)
    - Alarming variations indicated in red
    - Report is easy to send out
    - Dark and light colour themes
    - Languages: English, Chinese, Finnish, Norwegian
    - Available for iOS and Android devices

    Thank you for these kind words and five stars!

    **Aug 11, 2018 Brilliant app and so easy to use
    I’ve tried a few asthma PEF diary apps and this is by far the best. Nice graphics, easy to use and easy to understand.**

    **May 5, 2018 Excellent for those under assessment
    I wanted an easy to use app that just plotted readings before and after meds and this fits the bill perfectly. It’s very easy to use and has room for notes if you want to add them. It’s much better than the basic sheet I was given by the nurse and shows up plainly how effective the meds are. Well worth paying for, thank you!**

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