Field Agent




    Field Agent: Make Money. Make a Difference.
    Join over one million agents who have already made extra cash on the Field
    Agent app.
    Field Agent pays you for successfully completing small jobs as you’re doing what
    you’re already doing—shopping in stores, running errands, or maybe just
    hanging around your home.
    We’ll ask you to take photos, answer questions, express your opinions, or
    execute other small tasks. Complete the job accurately, and, cha-ching, you get
    We’ve already paid out over $12 million to agents just like you. That’s why we
    say, "It Pays to be a Field Agent".
    And, bonus, you’ll be helping top companies better serve customers.  
    How it Works:
    1. Download the Field Agent app, create an account, and complete your profile
    2. Browse jobs in your area
    3. Accept a job and complete it within the designated time frame (usually 2 hours)
    4. Submit your work to Field Agent for inspection, and, if approved...
    5. Get paid via direct deposit or Dwolla

    - Jobs generally pay between $2-$12
    - Complete "ticket jobs" to qualify for paying jobs, and automatically enter a drawing to win a cash prize
    - Submissions must comply with all instructions to receive the cash payout
    - Field Agent does not receive payment for submissions it denies
    - Field Agent does not use information from submissions it denies
    - Jobs are usually "first come, first serve". The more you check the app, the better your chances of making extra cash

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