Financial Ratio Calculator




    Financial Ratio Calculator

    This App Covers:

    Fixed Asset Turnover Ratio
    Sales to Revenue per Employee Ratio
    Operating Cash Flow to Sales Ratio
    Cash Flow Coverage Ratio
    Dividend Payout Ratio
    ROCE (Return on Capital Employed)
    ROE (Return on Equity)
    EV (Enterprise Value Multiple)
    Dividend Yield Ratio
    P/S (Price to Sales) Ratio
    P/E (Price to Earnings)
    P/CF (Price to Cash Flow)
    P/B (Price to Book) Value Ratio
    FCF to OCF Ratio
    Debt Ratio
    Debt/Equity Ratio
    Debt to Capital Ratio
    Interest Coverage Ratio (ICR)
    Quick or Acid Test Ratio
    Current Ratio
    Cash Ratio
    EPS (Earnings per Share) Ratio
    DPS (Dividend per Share) Ratio
    Net Profit Margin Ratio
    Operating Profit Margin Ratio
    ROS (Return on Sales) Ratio
    Gross Profit Margin Ratio
    Total Expense Ratio (TER)
    Equity Ratio

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    Most of the financial ratios are the key indicators of a business to estimate, run, track, take necessary actions and grow any business substantially. Therefore, calculating financial ratios play key roles in accounting. Having this main objective of it in mind, We provides calculators that perform the financial ratios calculation to assist your accounting easier in some ways. The readily available accounting tools covers different finance ratios of operating performance, investment valuation, debt, liquidity measurement, profitability etc to assist you to do the quick financial calculations