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    New Update includes our beginning stages of FindMyMacros PREMIUM! Use our Smart Nutrition Calculator to calculate the macros for any meal within SECONDS. Simply input the meal items using natural language and the app uses USDA/Common Food items to get an accurate estimation on the macros for your meal. No more going through so many screens just to make a good estimation on your meal. Don't restrict yourself from eating at your favorite restaurants that don't have nutrition facts!

    FindMyMacros is the mobile app that finds nearby meals based on macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fat)! Input macronutrient ranges you are looking for and the app presents all restaurants which offer meals that fit that criteria!

    No more declining lunch invites from co-workers or declining dinner with friends and family! Instantly find meals that fit your “macros”!

    Build your profile by submitting meals to the database! Earn early ranking points for future updates and show your friends what you eat when bulking/cutting/maintaining! Help us grow the Flexible Dieting/IIFYM community!

    - Search meals based on location and macronutrients.
    - Sort meals by low fat, high protein, or high/low carbohydrates.
    - Database built from verified sources.
    - Submit meals to our database (goes through quality control).
    - Instantly navigate to restaurant.
    - Provides Yelp! rating of restaurants.

    Help our community grow by submitting estimated macros for your favorite local restaurants!
    Released for all countries, but we are currently optimized for US chains. Will be adding more to the database as we grow. Help out by submitting your favorite restaurant meals to the app!

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