Flash Alert on Call and SMS




    By this Flash Alert app user gets flash alert messenger app, flashoncall call alerts as flash blinking on calls and message flash on SMS. Flash alert app ,Flash call light is useful in situations where your phone must be in silent mode and you can get message flash alert notifications like in mosque, church, meetings and temple.

    Call on flash has intuitive flash alert on call notification controls and elegant user friendly easy interface with flash on ring.
    Incoming call flash alert provides alerts for social media applications like whatsapp chat and also for all other applications on mobile device with flash on ring.

    Flash alert messenger apps flash call notification is the coolest feature of this, flash on call for all applications.
    Use color flash ringtone for notifications for calls and SMS through blinking camera led flashlight.
    Receive flash alerts on call or flash incoming call on ring flash messages with ease by flash call on light.


    Tap flash icon:-
    Turn Flash alert on /off by tapping the widget for flash incoming call.
    Turn Flash alert on/off on incoming calls and SMS

    Adjust intervals for alerts:-
    Adjust, flashoncall intervals for call alerts and message alerts

    Unique ring tone alternative:-
    Flashlight off and on gives a unique ring tone, color flash alternative.

    Adjust times of alerts:-
    Adjust timings for flash alerts for flash on call and SMS

    Get alerts as desired:-
    Provides customized alerts of flash on call and SMS in silent, normal, vibrate, meetings, hospital mode.

    Saves device memory:-
    Flash Alerts Doesn’t occupies much device space.

    Provides brightest flash alerts:-
    Flash alert on call and sms Provides brightest flash alerts for all kind o alerts

    Prevents device from slowing down:-
    Flash alert on call and sms Prevent device from slowing down.Flashlight is available in more than 80 various languages of the world.It is available in more than two hundred countries.
    Flashlight alert protects you from annoying and unwanted calls.Creates widget on screen for easy controlling.


    Get Flash alerts on Call and SMS in silent mode
    Get Flash alerts on Call and SMS in vibrate mode
    Get Flash alerts on Call and SMS in normal mode
    Get Flash alerts on Call and SMS in silent mode
    Get Flash alerts on Call and SMS in silent mode
    Get Flash alerts on Call and SMS and message alert in meeting
    This beautiful led flash alert application give camera flash alert in mosque.
    LED flash on call and message gives alerts in church
    Get Flash alerts on Call and SMS in temple.
    Main Flashlight alert notification button will check if Flash alert on Call and SMS in ON or OFF.
    Test your Flash alert application with Test button if it’s compatible with your android device.

    Flash alerts on Call and message will give camera flash alert notification which are very useful at many time and many places like hospital, meeting, mosque or night walk. Get LED camera flash alert on these entire situations when you have call or some one send you message.
    Flash Alert notification app is lightweight and does not consume your battery.

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