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Airbus A330 (A340) Cockpit Pilot Trainer

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    Airbus A330 (A340) Cockpit Pilot Trainer

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    A330 Cockpit trainer- An Elegant and Simple design of the Airbus A330/340 variant Flight Deck involving user interactivity with its switches and buttons. An excellent software package for those starting their type rating or CQQ and a great asset to have as a Pilot rated on the A330. Majority of switches/buttons/displays covered with detailed information on each one including fault cautions/warning triggers. All 12 system pages: ENG, BLEED, PRESS, ELAC, ELDC, HYD, FUEL, APU, COND, DOOR, WHEEL and F/CTL also covered with detailed information on all of them. An excellent study/guide package to have regarding the Airbus A330.

    Altogether a very clean and user friendly design of the A330 Flight deck. Worth having this App in your aviation library.

    Simple and easy to use including:

    - Quick loading (Instant!).
    - Clear Flight deck home page.
    - Easy Navigation within App!
    - Simple to use!
    - Touch interactive with detailed study information.
    - High quality HD & vectored Panel Images.
    - Detailed Sub zoomed panels for clarity and text box panels.
    - Detailed system display information.
    - Detailed PFD screen information.

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