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    flower painting tutorials

    Today, we share flower painting tutorials to you!

    Since the beginning of time man has appreciated the sheer beauty and remarkable symmetry of the clusters of brightly coloured petals surrounding the secretive inner heart of a bloom. Used over the centuries as poignant symbols of love and grief, flowers have entranced and challenged artists to reproduce their perfection onto the confines of a canvas.

    Early religious symbolism
    flower painting tutorials , saturated with religious symbolism, were created by artists as early as the 13th century but by the time the early renaissance painters were reaching their artistic peak, symbolism made way for sheer appreciation of floral bouquets as worthy still life subjects.

    Reportage art
    The 16th century was characterised by the exploration of the new world and the associated fascination with a seemingly boundless collection of new and unique natural varieties. Flowers, together with all the other intriguing species, were carefully recorded as scientific specimens, with very little emotive collaboration. It was a century later that flower painting tutorials, created out of oils, became a major trend where sheer aesthetics outweighed the earlier religious or scientific prescriptions on creativity.

    Emotive symbolism
    Although religious symbolism had been banished earlier from the realm of the artist, flower painting tutorials now began to represent a host of human emotions and were depicted as such:

    Botanical Art
    Floral art has, in effect, come full circle with creative expressionism being replaced with botanical art, where the subject is faithfully reproduced in a realistic fashion. Artistic expression has made way for observational art, an art form which can quite easily be compared to the 'reportage' art of the 16th century.
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