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    Published: 2018-02-08, by .

    Turn your phone into a wind instrument

    • Good wind instrument simulator
    • Easy to function
    • It takes a bit too much space

    "A brass band in your hands"


    Thanks to Tootle you can feel what it is like to play up to eight different wind instrument just by using your smartphone. Hold your phone like a trumpet, blow and let the sweet sound spread all over or use headphones to keep it to yourself. You can also change the mode so there is no need to blow to play the music. The screen will show the image of the instrument next to realistic valves that you must touch in order to produce different keys and follow a melody. Play any song you like by checking the finger notation for brass instruments on the settings menu. Also, Tootle includes popular songs you can learn easily.


    Original idea and functional design. The sound of the instruments is really clear and beautifully close to the real life. The song mode is very entertaining and easy to follow. If you can play any wind instrument this app would help you practice anywhere without the inconvenience of having to carry it around.


    The app only comes with two different wind instruments for free: trumpet and oboe. To extend the range of available instruments you will have to pay extra. In addition, the app is a bit heavy so make sure you have enough space on your phone.

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    Christian M

    by Christian M

    Feb 08, 2018


    Do you like wind instruments? Is the real flute or horn take up too much space in the house? It is time to download the flute learning app with real flute simulator or trumpet simulator.

    What is Toootle?
    In this flute app you will find a wind instruments orchestra. Oboe, horn and flute simulators are located on the screen of your mobile phone. Create your own melodies or practice in trumpet playing by musical score.

    The list of available instruments:
    virtual trumpet with a mute
    scottish bagpipes
    zhu di

    How to start flute play?
    First, choose some instrument and put your fingers on the valves. Start blowing into the phone`s microphone at a distance of 5-10 cm. Then you will hear some sound of bagpiper instrument. Right-hand valves are the basis of the melody, and the left-hand valves change the tonality of the sound by changing to another octave. Hints of trumpet training will help you learn to play in few days.

    How to set up musical instrument?
    The lower valve opens the section with the settings. Here you can find information about fingering for copper instruments. You can change a musical instrument in the same section (for example musical instrument trumpet to another).
    The musical trumpet is the first level. Open up new tools and professional tunes by the PRO version.

    You would like flute app if:
    • flute is your favorite instrument and you want to practice in melodic art and flute games every day.
    • want to discover new wind instruments (horn, oboe, scottish bagpipes).
    • look for an application for a child, where flute or trumpet simulator are supplement with a training program (flute exercises). Here you will find flute trainings.

    Toootle is a musical application where horn, oboe, scottish bagpipes placed in your pocket and available any time.

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