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    Foto Frame allows you to utilise the DayDream service to display your photo or video collection stored on your local network or device. The application is configured with the SMB network path of the file share containing your photos. Simply configure the screen saver timeout you want and your old android tablet or android TV box is now a photo screen saver.
    When viewing photos you have the ability to perform the following functions without stopping the screensaver:
    - Quarantine a photo (Remove it from your photo collection and put it in another location for you to delete or edit at a later date)
    - Rotate a photo (Save a copy of the rotated photo, overwrite the old photo with the rotated photo, or don't save it at all)
    - Go backwards (The last 9 photos are listed so you can go back and have another look)
    - Create Favourites (You can flag a photo as a favourite then select to only display from your favourites)
    - Pause (Pause the slideshow)

    This was developed as I could not find a screen saver to display network based photo libraries with the functionality I wanted. Your photo directory is cached manually by you periodically, on my wireless network I can cache approximately 12000 photos in 50+ directories in about 20 seconds. This is a manual process as the photo libraries are unlikely to change regularly. Once cached the application will randomly select photos and display them for the desired time. The photos are scaled to fit the screen and you have the option of displaying or hiding the photo name, location and control buttons.

    There are 2 versions of this application, the free version and the paid. The free version is fully functional, with the limitation that it will only display photos from the one directory and will not search folders within like the paid version will do.

    - Foto Frame is intended for devices with at least 600x960 displays (7" tablets or the like). I cannot guarantee the settings screens will display correctly on smaller displays.
    - If you save a rotated image the EXIF information will be lost.
    - Recommendations, suggestions, questions, complaints etc just email

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