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    FotoXIU, as your most convenient photo transfer app, allows for HD photo transmission between your pc and any of your mobile device, iPhone or Android handsets. FotoXIU ensures you never have the disappointment of not having cables or software to share photos.

    Whether at home, in the office or on the road, FotoXIU stays with you, so you can always share your HD photos with friends.

    Here are just a few Scenes of how you can use FotoXIU:
    • As a new parent, a mum always tries to capture their child’s memorable moments. Now, every dad can always share those happy moments.
    • During class reunions, all those years after graduation, you and your classmates won’t want to miss the chance to take group photos and share the happiness of your reunion.
    • On group holidays, people usually take photos for each other and send the photos to each other's mobile phones to share the happy moments they had together.
    • After presentations, graphic designers usually send a selection of pictures to their clients. Now, there is no need for a portable hard drive, eliminating the risk of viruses

    Important functions:
    • Seamless transfer of photos between computers and mobile devices to share with your friends, family or colleagues.
    • Transfer of original photos including resolution and EXIF data. Only when file names are identical will a random data string be added to the original file name to avoid file overlap.
    • Photos transfer is completed entirely within LAN. 5 MB photos are transferred within a second.
    • Other tools such as WeChat scanner and barcode scanner are supported in order to allow for the scan and download of photos.
    • The temporary QR code formed by each string protects your privacy and ensures photos safety.

    Safe and efficient sharing, making life more exciting.

    • At least one person has installed FotoXIU app
    • Devices are within the same LAN and Internet is accessible
    • Android 2.0 or higher
    • The browser supports javascript (by default)

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