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    You can go head to head and race yourself with Ghost Trainer.
    Ideal for all outdoor sports like running, skiing, cross country skiing, biking, rollerblading.
    Ghost Trainer is a simple app that will help you reach your goals of self-improvement in a unique way. Ghost Trainer will track your outdoor movements sporting activities via GPS, and gather usage statistics such as Top Speed, average speed and, Time taken to complete the trail.

    However Ghost Trainer has the ability to record your progress in real-time!! When trails are saved its playback in real-time is also saved! So now when you are running/biking/rollerblading/skiing the same route again you can take a look at your phone, and actually see your ghost moving along side in front or (preferably) behind you. This feature is not to be confused with elapsed times; Ghost Trainer will continually display your ghost’s, and your current position during playback. If you beat your ghost you can save the new trail, and use it as you new benchmark.

    Visit: for the full version.

    -New menu system.
    -Quick stats allows you to view your stats for all of your saved tracks in one place.
    -Race categories (Run, Walk, Bike, Rollerblade, Cross-country skiing).
    -See how many calories you burnt.
    -My Profile, helps to better calculate your progress.
    -Improved ghost arrow that now displays the direction you were moving in.

    - Real-time ghost racing.
    - Notifications when a race is won or lost.
    - All stats can be shown in imperial or metric measurements.
    - Save trails/recorded ghost trails.
    - Load trails/recorded ghost trails.
    - View your routes top speed.
    - View your routes average speed
    - View your routes distance.
    - Average speed throughout a trail can be viewed in a line graph.
    - Google Maps Satellite View.
    - A Button that locks/unlocks all on screen touch buttons so they are not accidentally pressed.
    - Marker flags can now be displayed every quarter, half, or full Mile/Kilometer.
    - Loaded trails now show distance, and speed stats on the map screen.
    - Now supported on all Android devices: A green arrow represents you on the map. It points in the direction you are moving in.

    --Known Issues--
    None, please email us if you find any.

    **ALL information gathered is kept locally on your phone and not sold or shared to 3rd parties.**

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