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    Are you a caring parent? Or Are you in a long distance relationship? And do you care about your loved ones device battery status?

    Nesam Battery Notification App is for you!

    Nesam (நேசம்) meaning love or affection in Tamil (தமிழ்). It is one of the longest surviving classical languages in the world.

    Nesam Battery Notification app helps you to link with 5 family or friends to share battery status and receive battery status in real time.

    Notify and get notified about your friend’s battery status and family battery status when their battery is discharging. Don’t miss any intimate calls due to dead battery.

    Stay updated with your friends battery status & family battery status using Nesam Battery Notification App in real time.

    Use the Nesam Battery Notification App’s widget to get a snap shot of your family and friend’s android device battery status.


    1. Simple widget on your notification bar to look at your battery status.
    2. Connect/Link with up to 5 family and friends to send and receive battery status.
    3. Cool widget to get a quick snapshot of your loved ones battery status.
    4. Get notified if loved ones battery status goes below 15 %.

    How to:
    1. Sign up and register with Nesam to get a profile Id.
    2. Connect/Link with your loved ones by sharing your profile ID.
    3. Widget /App automatically refreshes with your loved ones battery status once your connect/link request is accepted.
    4. You are good to go now!

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