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    If it seems to you that your house for minecraft is empty and uncomfortable, then download furniture mod for mcpe to get different furniture and colored glass blocks. After installing furniture mods, you can create different types of furniture, for example, kitchen tables, bedside tables, sofas and even a computer. Thanks to furniture mods for minecraft your house will look like a real one and you can make separate rooms. After installing mod furniture for mcpe the level of comfort of your home will increase several times.
    Decoration mod for minecraft adds multi-colored blocks of glass, so you can make a beautiful mosaic or simply make beautiful stained-glass windows.
    Many players have tried to simulate furniture for minecraft using different methods, but now there is no need for it, because the furniture mod will allow you to install the finished mcpe furniture in the place where you like most.

    Important information for Users:
    To download content you need connect to the Internet. The app requires a blocklauncher to install these mods and addons plus the original game Pocket Edition app, so this addon for mcpe will work correctly.

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