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    This is a DEMO version for Game Controller 2 Touch, it's an UNIQUE app which allows Android Gamers to use their USB/Bluetooth Gamepads with almost ANY Game made for the Android. This app also allows you to Play Touch ONLY based Games(with No Native Gamepad Support) with ANY Gamepad of your choice. Works with all the Emulators. It can emulate Touch Screen Actions from Game Controller Input. It's the Easiest to Configure and features an Intricate yet Intuitive set of tools. A Must-Have for every Android Gamer. Now compatible with all Android Devices above Android 4.0+(Ice Cream Sandwich) with the addition of Universal Touch Screen Driver..


    Includes all features of Paid Version. Limited to 20 Trials. Purchase the full version from here :

    NEW : With the addition of Universal Touch Screen Driver the app becomes compatible with All Tablets, Phones, Android Smart TV's, Android TV Sticks(Mini PC's),Android Consoles(Such as Ouya).

    • A Simple and Easy to use UI- Very easily configurable.
    •Support for All Generic Gamepads/Joysticks,as well as renowned Controllers such as DualShock 4, Xbox 360 Controller, Dual Shock 3, Moga Pro, NVIDIA Shield's Gamepad,etc.
    •A Touch Profile System which is very easy to manage-Allows you to make separate Touch Profiles for each game.
    •Multi-Touch Emulation of upto 10 Simultaneous touch points On-Screen on ANY device.
    •An Intricate but Simplified Touch Profile Editor with Reference background support.
    •An Exclusive 8-Direction Swipe System - Use Controller buttons as Swipe/Drag On-Screen.
    •Works well with emulators e.g. Reicast, PPSSPP , FPSE, Drastic, N64oid ,etc.


    Tested Game Controllers:-

    Ouya Controller
    Mad Catz Controller
    Samsung Gamepad
    PS4 Dual Shock 4
    Wired Xbox 360 Controller
    Logitech Rumblepad
    nVidia Shield's Gamepad
    Wired PS4 & PS3 Controllers
    All Moga Controllers including the New Moga Pro Power and Hero Power.
    iPega Bluetooth
    Nyko PlayPad/Pro
    Gamestop Bluetooth
    Logitech Dual Action & F710
    Some Fake Dual Shock 3.

    This is a Small list of some of the renowned Game Controllers compatible. This is NOT a COMPLETE list of All Compatible Gamepads. In General all Bluetooth/ USB Controllers are compatible.

    Currently incompatible with the Xbox 360 Controller Wireless Receiver & Moga Pocket.

    •Dedicated Touch Profile Database :-
    •To ask for Refund please mail me your Order No. at

    •If the app responds as "No Controller Detected" even when paired/connected please contact at

    •ROOT Access is a MUST.
    •A Compatible Android Device with Android 4.0+.
    •A Game Controller i.e. Any Gamepad/Joystick which can be paired via Bluetooth or Connected through OTG to the Device.
    •An On The Go cable if using an USB Controller.

    •Please Read the "Help" Section in the App carefully.
    •Moga users pair the controller to the OS in Moga HID mode.

    All game content present in the screenshots are property of their respective owners.
    All trademarks are property of their respective holders.
    [Credits to Fabian Cruz a.k.a Uber for the new graphics]
    [Credits to Shane Monroe for Dedicated Touch Profile Database]
    [Credits to wwjoshdew for the Tutorial video.]
    keyword: Controller Gamepad Touch Emulation Joystick Game USB/BT Bluetooth

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