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    Everyone talks about equality between men and women; yes they should have equal rights and every facility but it can never change their nature. Men and women aren’t alike naturally as demonstrated by their likings and disliking. In the modern world; you can even find two broad categories in games to classify indifferent interests of both sexes. In this article; we will focus on exploring some popular games for girls. Gaming industry has focused on creation of more games to cater women’s interest. During mid ninety’s; the popular life simulation game named as “The Sims” became riotously popular among women circle and every lady wished to play it once. It doesn’t only attracted those women who were already fond of games but even females who didn’t played any game before desired to play it once.

    These online games for girls aren’t only fun games or time pass games but these have real advantage for girls and they learn numerous new skills. Some of the popular gaming niches are dusting, cooking, cleaning, dress up, decoration, lodging and other household oriented games. These games have great advantage for the girls as they learn new skills, new dishes, and innovative ideas to extract motivation for efficient execution of household tasks.
    Fashion games are getting immense popularity among girls as more and more females wish to look good and they wish to enjoy independent status in designing of their clothes.

    So, online fashion and designing games for girls have provided a workable platform where girls can learn new skills and developments in the field of fashion without paying a single penny. Not only they can save money but they can experiment new ideas without spending a single cent. So, girls should be encouraged to play online games and have advantage in free learning.

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