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    The software “Garden calendar” contains recommendations for everyday handling of plants according to the phase of the Moon. Different phases of the Moon have different influence with plants. By using the software you will be able to tend plants properly according to the forces of nature. For example, during waning moon roots are very hurtable, so this is not a good time for transplanting.
    Moreover, software recommendations take into account position of the Moon towards zodiacal constellation.
    The software defines favorable days for garden activity: days for planting, watering, weeding and many other activities.
    The most distinctive feature of this calendar (unlike any of other calendars existed on the Internet) is the correction on precession phenomenon. As is well-known, precession phenomenon causes the move of first point of aries towards the Sun by 1degree the 72 years. Approximately 2000 years ago signs of the zodiac and zodiacal constellations almost coincided, but the move by one sign of zodiac (approximately 30degrees) has taken place between now and then. This points to the fact that ordinary lunar calendars go wrong with the position of the Moon in zodiacal constellations. This option is in programme settings.

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