GCTA Express




    With the GCTA Express application, Real Estate professionals can get immediate property information on their Android devices. By entering a Property Address, Owners Name, Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) or search Nearby Properties, GCTA Express can provide real time access to valuable property information.

    Key Features:

    Real Estate Professionals can search for real time property information using their Android devices. Get property address, mailing address, legal description, parcel and tract information, tax information, property characteristics, transfer history, nearby properties, comparable sales and a plat map.*

    - Search by Property Address*
    - Search by Owners’ Name*
    - Search by Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN)*
    - Search by Taking A Photo*
    - Search by Predictive search through Maps*
    - Search by tapping on maps*
    - Contact your local Sales Representative
    - View Near By properties using the built in GPS* of the Android device.
    - Saves your recent searches for easy retrieval*
    - Share property information with clients
    - Navigation drawer is used for all new menus with new icons for each of the searches.
    - Default state and county is chosen for the logged in user for all types of searches.
    - New features added in Bing Map Search functionality as below:
    * Auto suggest implemented to get property information.
    * Tap on the map anywhere to get tapped address information.

    Download the GCTA Express application today and get fast, accurate property information at your fingertips. It could just be the deciding factor in getting a sale.

    * Use of GCTA Express requires registration from local Grand Canyon Sales Executive. This Services is not available in all areas. Not all information is available on all properties.