Most of 2017, the world spoke about the new POTUS. We were busy revamping the Genie app for you.

    There was so much wrong with the previous one, everyone from Mr. Rajgopalan to Ms. Samtani kept complaining. People weren’t able to find addresses, they were irritated because the app kept crashing and others were bummed because we asked their name too many times.

    We couldn’t keep disappointing them, so we decided to re-imagine the Genie experience, ground up.

    - Look and feel: Overhaul alert! Cleaner, sharper, intuitive and functional; it’s everything now that it was supposed to be, but wasn’t. Chennaiites, if there’s anything you need bought, picked up or delivered - just Genie it!

    - Pick up and Drop flow: Ms. Pinky doesn’t like to chat. She likes choosing pick up drop locations, pay online and having her products delivered. We’ve made that easier; redundant information removed, locations more accurate and important information shown to her as she needs.

    - Store flow: Ms. Hanae orders from Kailash Kitchen everyday and Mr. Srikanth likes trying different places. To make sure they and everyone else can navigate through stores on the app better, we’ve introduced: i) Favourite stores ii) Recommended for you and iii) Featured stores.

    - My Trips: Ms. Jayanthi needs to check which of her customers received her products when. The ‘My Trips’ page lets her do that, along with comprehensive trip information, details on specific trips, photos of product/invoice and proof of delivery for the trip.

    - Bill amount change: Mr. Goel likes getting a lot of his stuff from Sowcarpet. Genie-ing it saves time, but it’s hard to know how much it’s going to cost. That used to annoy him. The new feature lets the Delivery Genie notify him about the difference in cost from what he (or Genie) had estimated, even letting him pay by his own mode of choice while his order is on the way.

    - PayTM is now one of the modes of payment on the app.
    - Chat has moved to Freshchat, because the guys at Hotline wanted to change the name as a part of their product overhaul.
    - Simpl is now available for iOS users.
    - Smaller tools and crash reports integrated that will let us know what you love (or hate) the most about the app.

    On top of all the above mentioned features, we’ve created robust mechanisms to relay all the information we take across to multiple stakeholders in the order. This update isn’t to say we’re perfect, but that we’re taking steps in the right direction towards our only mission: To deliver delight to you, and not stopping until you are truly delighted each time you place an order with us.

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