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    --GeoTimer Lite--
    Collect time to tasks based on your location.

    GeoTimer, harnessing Google’s Geofence API, allows you to easily set up locations you would like to monitor, and then automatically time your activity when you are inside them. It keeps history for an entire week, allowing you to go back to a previous day and see what you did.

    You can go an entire week without opening the app and have a history of what you did and the goals you met!


    --Simple and Easy--
    There are two pieces to GeoTimer: Tasks and Places.

    Tasks are things you would like timed such as work, exercise, travel, or anything else; you get to choose. They can also have daily or weekly goals and notify you when you reach them!

    Places are Geofences you set up at locations you would like timed, and are tied to a Task. Entering or leaving a Place will automatically start/stop the timer and record time to that Place’s task.

    How about some examples?

    A Task called “Work” and a weekly goal of 40 hours is tied to a Place around your business. Everyday you come into work the timer will start recording time to “Work”. When you leave for lunch or the end of the day, the timer stops. When you reach 40 hours at work the timer vibrates and posts a notification that you reached your goal! Then you can accurately fill out your timesheet with the recorded history and start enjoying your weekend.

    A Task called “Exercise” and a daily goal of 1 hour is tied to several Places each one located at a different park. Any time you are at one of those parks, time will be recorded to “Exercise”. After an hour, the app notifies you of your progress.

    Get Creative! You can overlay Places.
    A Place around your town tied to “Travel” and a Place around your home inside of town tied to “Relax” will record time to “Relax” when you are home and “Travel” whenever you leave.

    Use GPS and Wifi to accurately get location updates when the app is closed. Depending on your device’s accuracy and network conditions it can be possible to miss you entering a location on some days. Use your best judgement to determine if the app missed something.

    The bigger the radius of the Place the quicker it will find that you entered the location.

    Google Play Services is required to use GeoFences.

    ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: Google Maps, Geofence API
    ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION: Google Maps, Geofence API
    VIBRATE: Vibrate Notification
    MAPS_RECEIVE: Google Maps
    INTERNET: Google Maps, Geofence API
    WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Store time history
    ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Google Maps, Geofence API
    READ_GSERVICES: Google Maps