No matter what your lifestyle is, this application is for you. Especially if you are a student, or active in sports, or travel away from home, or have a medical condition, or are a senior citizen, or travel on the local highways, or just a stay at home person, this application is for everyone.

    G&G Medical Solutions has developed an application to SAVE LIVES. This unique application is simple to use and contains most of all the emergency medical information that a First Responder or Emergency Medical Technician would need in a time of medical emergency to minimize the risk in treating you. This is designed to have the information available instantly and NOT have to rely on a myriad of logins and passwords, which if not entered correctly, access to the information and lifesaving time, are delayed. Time is of the essence and this information is critical in a life threatening situation. You enter only the information you wish to enter. Because of the nature of the USE INTENDED your information may not be private. You do not enter any credit type information. The information that is asked for is only what would be necessary in a emergency life threatening situations – such as:
    Blood Type, Allergies, Current Prescribed Medication (strengths and dosages), Current over the Counter Medications (strengths and dosages). It will also ask for contact information for your Primary Care Physician, emergency contact, and health insurance.

    Start by downloading the application. We suggest that you register on the mobile device you have downloaded to (Android, Iphone, Ipad, Etc.). You will receive a PIN (personal identification number). This number is your KEY to the system. This KEY could save your life. You can either continue to register on the device or you may move to our website

    At you can PIN LOGIN and also add your personal and medical information – including a picture of yourself – this is used for positive ID by the First Responder.

    A first responder can access this information by touching the G&G Emercency Medical Tech icon on your mobile device or by scanning a QR code that is contained on the many ancillary products we offer.
    We have many modestly priced items that have direct access by a first responder other than the mobile device. There is an ID CARD that will have a QR Code that when scanned, will open up on the responder’s mobile device. There is a Sew-On QR Coded Tag that can be used by all types of sports teams. Other products will contain a QR Code and your PIN, that when scanned will take them to the website and a PIN LOGIN. We invite you to visit our Marketing Website: for further information and for pricing.

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