We are updating our GlobeAR app with a cloud based detection system. This will make it easier to add and update content to the app and will give you as a customer a more company specific app.
    As a user you only have to install the content you wish to see and are interested in.

    With the new GlobeAR app we take the last step towards a Global Augmented Reality Application where clients can add AR experiences of almost any sort. From videos being played on target images to advanced 3D models and animations, with GlobeAR all is possible.

    So far most of our clients are based in Scandinavia but we are looking at a global expansion during 2017.

    You can find and print all trigger images for the app in the following link:

    If you want to know more about us and how you can add your content to our app please send an e-mail to

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