Go Keyboard Cool Red Skin

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    ** This app IS NOT A STANDALONE APP! **
    ** This keyboard skin requires GO Keyboard (Free on Play Store) **

    Features :
    - Cool Hot Red Skin/theme
    - Deep colored red keys
    - Darker red function keys
    - Light red background

    How to activate skin :
    1. Go to GoKeyboard setting (Long press 123)
    2. Theme Settings
    3. Select theme
    4. Choose Cool Red
    (Sometimes it takes some time for Go Keyboard to load themes, just wait)

    How to activate font :
    1. Go to GoKeyboard setting
    2. Advanced Setting
    3. Font settings
    4. Scan fonts
    5. Select Cool-Light or Cool-Regular(see screenshot)

    Cool skin series : Light default, Pink, Crimson, Red (NEW!)
    Tags : Cool hot deep blood red keyboard skin GoKeyboard Go Keyboard
    Tags : com.jb.gokeyboard.theme